Samsung Research Reveals Generative AI Samsung Gauss – TechToday

Samsung Research Reveals Generative AI Samsung Gauss – TechToday

The Samsung Gauss large language model can assist with code writing and document analysis.

Samsung Research has revealed a generative AI assistant called Samsung Gauss that the research group uses internally but may eventually appear in Samsung’s consumer phones. Samsung Gauss is intended to improve work efficiency by making composing emails, writing code and generating images easier and faster. Samsung Research presented details about Gauss on day two of the Samsung AI Forum 2023 on Nov. 8, 2023 in Gyeonggi-do, Korea.

On-device AI has rapidly become a must-have for major tech makers. Samsung’s Gauss will compete with Google Assistant, which runs on Pixel devices and Meta’s Llama 2, which will live on-device in certain Qualcomm-powered smartphones and PCs starting in 2024.

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What is Samsung Gauss?

Samsung Gauss is a large language model associated with several on-device AI technologies for Samsung mobile devices. Samsung Gauss will be included on ” … a variety of Samsung product applications … ” in the near future, Samsung Research said in a blog post. The Korea Times said Gauss may first appear on the Samsung Galaxy S24 in early 2024. For now, the Samsung Research group is using Gauss for ” … employee productivity.”

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Samsung Gauss is named after Carl Friedrich Gauss, the mathematician who developed normal distribution theory, which is a key part of machine learning and AI.

“The name reflects Samsung’s ultimate vision for the models, which is to draw from all the phenomena and knowledge in the world in order to harness the power of AI to improve the lives of consumers everywhere,” Samsung Research stated in the blog post.

What are the three Samsung Gauss models’ various capabilities?

Samsung Gauss has three models with varying capabilities:

  • Samsung Gauss Language is a generative language model that can compose emails, summarize documents and translate content. It can be integrated into device control. (Samsung currently has Bixby in place for voice control of mobile devices.)
  • Samsung Gauss Code is a software development tool that can perform functions such as code description and test case generation. Samsung Gauss Code enables code.i, a coding assistant.
  • Samsung Gauss Image creates or enhances images.

Samsung makes reassurances regarding security

Samsung, which temporarily banned employees’ use of generative AI products including OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard earlier this year after an internal data leak, emphasized in the press release that its AI Red Team is hard at work on security. The security team monitors AI for privacy and ethical issues including ” … data collection to AI model development, service deployment and AI-generated results … ” Samsung Research wrote in their blog post.

Note: TechRepublic has reached out to Samsung Research for more information about Samsung Gauss.

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